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Our Story, Mission and Values

Our Story

Ironstone Academy Trust takes its name from the proud history of made by the people of Middlesbrough and the stunning environment we live in.

In the last century the industrial powerhouse of Ironopolis transformed the world, setting the standards for quality steel and iron production around the world. We are working hard to ensure the young people of the current ‘Ironopolis’ who attend Ironstone Schools will go on to transform their world, be it building bridges like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, exploring like James Cook or being sporting heroes like Clough or Mannion.  You will also find some of these significant events and individuals, reflected in our individual schools curriculum.

Our modern world, like our local area and our heroes from the past are not without their problems. Through working together our Governors recognised we can help our teachers and support staff better meet the needs of the young people who attend our Schools. The Trust was formed to meet their needs, and these guide our operation.

The Trust has have six schools all with a drive to let their children shine.

Our Mission Statement

‘Ironstone Academy Trust will build a partnership of schools.

The Trust will put the need of pupils at the heart of their decision making and will, through collaborative working and challenge strive to meet their needs.

Partners in the Trust will work and learn together. Our pupils will be confident, knowledgeable, well-managed and ready to take on the challenges that life brings and they will be well supported in meeting these aims.’


Our Values

Our values are embodied our daily work, interactions between schools and the partners we work with.

We are a very diverse family,  described as ‘one of the most diverse I work with’ by one of our partners who works with hundreds of schools across the North East.  We thrive on this difference, and value the challenge it brings.

We are pleased our schools differ in many ways; this allows us to learn from each others experiences and challenges.

We value the support offered by our colleagues, we accept the challenge that they offer and respect their opinions

We value our employees and pupils; we want to ensure Ironstone Academy Trust is a very special place to work, and a great place to be a pupil!