CEO: Carl Faulkner Tel: 01642 469529 Email: office@normanby.org.uk

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The Trustees have agreed that Safeguarding First will provide Safeguarding supervision and training across all five schools.  The CEO has met with Pam Gartland to discuss these arrangements.  She will be commissioned to summarise his findings to the Trustees to ensure compliance and the impact of the use of resources is reported in a timely manner.  This will also allow for more efficient use of training time available to the Trust.  Additionally, all Ironstone Academy Trust schools have a Safeguarding Action Plan.  Progress through each Action Plan is monitored by the Head Teacher and CEO.

Each Academy has an annually reviewed Child Protection Policy available on their website.

Trustees ensure that each Local Governing Body reflects all expectations in Keeping Children Safe in Education (current year) in their operation of their Academy.

The Trust has appointed Karen Deen as a Trustee with special responsibility for monitoring Safeguarding.


Early Intervention and Pupil Support

Julie Barnett will continue to be employed by IAT as an Early Help Intervention Practitioner; training re: referral systems in each school is offered.  Her work is supported by professional counselling services.  Each Academy has a regular risk assessment and monitoring system in place, which is used by their respective Leadership Team to guide further improvements.


Educational Visits; safety and monitoring

North Yorkshire Local Authority will undertake monitoring and supervision of Educational Visits.  The CEO has met with Adrian Clark to discuss these arrangements.  All staff receive appropriate training and each school has an Educational Visits Co-ordinator.


Health and Safety

Carl Faulkner, the acting CEO, has liaised with the Local Authority Health and Safety Team.  Individual School Audits will take place with a consolidated report being shared with Trustees annually.  This will avoid duplication and ensure trustees are well informed.  A termly checklist will be completed by each school and shared with the CEO.